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Kool Kap

Kool Kap

Keep the leaves out of your outdoor unit

Protect your air conditioner year round with a Kool Kap. Day in and day out, your air conditioner's condensing unit is subjected to the sun, rain, snow, ice, leaves, dirt, sticks and other debris. This debris collects in the bottom your condensing unit and traps water, snow and ice. All this trapped moisture causes your system to prematurely rust and corrode, damaging your system. By keeping your condensing unit clean, it will run at peak efficiency saving you money on your utility bills. Once a Kool Kap is installed, you never have to fuss with it. The Kool Kap remains on your condenser year round, so put it on, let it work and forget about it.

Save Your Ceiling From Water Damage

Let us install a ceiling saver kit for your home

When your air conditioning system cools your home, condensation can collect and drip down onto the floor. If left ignored, you could get a leak in your ceiling, causing hundreds in damages and repairs. If you have an HVAC unit in your attic, call AC by JD for a ceiling saver kit for your Saint George, UT home. A ceiling saver kit goes beneath your unit, safely catching any condensation or water to protect your ceiling from water damage. It then drains the collected water to avoid any flooding, spilling or water spots. Learn more about our HVAC services by scheduling an appointment today.

Are You Troubled By Your HVAC Unit?

Use a condensate pump for your Saint George, UT home

Condensation on your HVAC unit is inevitable, but too much water buildup can actually harm your unit and cause damage to your home. The most common problems are drain overflow, electrical system damage and dangerous shock and fire hazards. To avoid expensive home and HVAC repairs, have AC by JD install a condensate pump for your heating and cooling system in Saint George, UT. We're an expert HVAC contractor that can help provide solutions for your system. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.

Ensure Your AC Unit Starts Efficiently

We can install a hard start kit for your HVAC system

If your heating and cooling system is struggling to turn on, a hard start kit can help. A hard start kit reduces the amount of energy needed for your AC's compressor to start, meaning a smoother startup. A hard start kit can also prolong the life of your unit. If you're not sure if your system needs one, call AC by JD, based in Saint George, Utah. We can help o

Control Your AC When You're Not Home

Monitors & protects your home when you aren't there

We offer remote monitoring for your HVAC system. Control your AC unit from the comfort of anywhere to save on your energy bills.

Electrical Damage Can Be Shocking

Luckily, AC by JD installs HVAC surge protectors in Saint George, UT

A power surge can strike at any time. The last thing you want to do is expose your HVAC unit to costly damage. With a surge protector for your air conditioning unit, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're no longer vulnerable to power surges, spikes and outages. You can even prevent electrical surges to your HVAC system causted by lightning. Learn more about installing a surge protector for your HVAC unit by calling AC by JD at 435-632-0069.

Make Cooling Your Home Easy and Accessible

An easy-to-read thermostat is great for any Saint George, UT home

If you have impaired vision, an easy-to-read thermostat is the most accessible way for you to heat and cool your home. With large numbers and audible cues for each function, you'll be able to easily tell what the temperature is on your thermostat. You can even get a thermostat with a large dial cover if you're suffering from arthritis. Call AC by JD to learn more about our accessible and easy-to-read thermostats in Saint George, UT.

Protect Your Loved Ones From Dangerous Carbon Monoxide

Don't wait to install a carbon monoxide detector in your Saint George, UT home

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that is not easily detectable. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless and can cause irreparable damage to your health. Protect yourself and your family by installing a carbon monoxide detector in your Saint George, UT home. We can install a detector in any room in your home. To get a quote or to learn more about the services we offer, call AC by JD today.